September 27, 2022

In the recent years Dubrovnik developed a large tourist base on the account of its numerous appearances in world renowned movies and TV shows. The most famous one is Game of Thrones which features Dubrovnik as one of the towns in the series and has therefore attracted fans from around the world to visit the city.

This culturally rich city has found a way on to the TV screens around the world by taking a role in movies such as Robin Hood, James Bond, the series Game of Thrones and now Star Wars, The Last Jedi. In the movie, The Last Jedi, Dubrovnik is set to star as a galactic casino town Canto Bight. A medieval town circled with walls and a very well preserved core received a futuristic makeover in order to resemble the Las Vegas of Star Wars.

CNN has created a list of destinations where one can step into the Star Wars universe, one of those places is Dubrovnik Croatia. Considering the large fan base of Star Wars franchise, some just might contribute to the already high tourist numbers recorded in Dubrovnik.

The list of Star Wars filming destinations is available here

Source: CNN travel