September 26, 2022

Pašman Municipality launched an international tender for the project Pašman Riviera earlier this week, planning to build a new tourist destination on the southwest coast of the island.

‘’The scope and the significance of this development project need no special introduction, it suffices to say the investment is worth around €500 million. The location represents an extremely attractive area for developing various forms of tourism of the highest category, in line with the latest trends of tourist demand for destinations in unspoilt nature. The tender is open until March 9, to be followed by the second stage of the project’’, stated the Mayor of Pašman Municipality, Krešimir Ćosić.

According to Ćosić, the municipality has been waiting to start the tender for a long time and due to recent positive trends in the investment climate has just decided to move forward. In the last few months foreign investors visited Pašman, including a couple of interested parties from Switzerland, the UK, the US, and a consortium involving some potential investors from Croatia.

Because of active investors in the region, the Municipality decided this was the right moment for the next step in regards to the project for the Pašman Riviera. Once developed, the project is going to change the outlook of the entire island, open at least a hundred job positions, and make it possible for Pašman to develop a prestigious destination for sustainable tourism.

The project Pašman Riviera is to be eight kilometres long and take up a surface of 300 hectares in total. One third has been designated for future construction of hotel facilities, while the rest of the area will boast recreational facilities and agricultural plots.

Earlier this year, the project was presented at the international 2nd Adriatic Health and Tourism Investment Forum in Zagreb where it sparked interest among investors from multiple continents. All things considered, said Mayor Ćosić, the large scale project should soon be underway.