September 27, 2022

Interest in Croatia in Ireland is increasing.

Just over a decade ago, they came in their droves to buy real estate on the Adriatic coast. Then came the crash, EU entry and the newest Croatian diaspora heading the other way to Cork and Dublin, an estimated 8-10,000 Croats having made the move since EU accession in July 2013, as Ireland was the only English-speaking EU country with no work restrictions for Croatian citizens.

Slowly but surely, flight connections from Ireland to the coast have been improving, with Aer Lingus opening routes to Pula and Dubrovnik (the latter has just become a 12-month connection), and Ryanair in advanced discussions to provide year-round services to the Pearl of the Adriatic.

It is probably little surprise then, that the positive PR about Croatia is being ramped up in the Irish media, and today’s Irish Independent has no less than four articles about Cool Croatia:

“People who love Croatia really love Croatia.

It’s just one of those destinations. Think of Dubrovnik and the island-speckled coast. Consider the walled towns, national parks and Roman ruins.

Then there’s the seafood. And the sunshine. Croats don’t make the friendliest first impression, but you’ll soon see why they inspire such glowing goodwill.
It’s easy to forget how new all of this is.“

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