September 26, 2022

On the 12th of October 2015, the Ministry of Construction and Urban Planing issued the location permit for Project Golf on hill Srdj above Dubrovnik developed by Razvoj Golf. The permit became fully valid eleven days later and was in use from 23rd of October 2015. The permit allowed for a project which includes a sports and recreation center with a golf course of 18+9 holes, the construction of a water supply system and reconstruction of the main road.

Project Golf was first denied the application for expansion from the original 100 to 310 hectares. When combined with the previous court rejection of the Project’s environment impact the projects future is not looking bright.

Activist groups ‘’Srđ je naš’’ and ‘’Zelena akcija’’ call upon the county mayor Mr Nikola Dobroslavić to remove the Project Golf from the county’s urbanistic plan. If the appeal is accepted it will mean a certain end to Project Golf on hill Srđ.